MFC alumni LeeAnn Choy talks about her fencing career

NJ State High School Fencing season starts this week, and Morris Fencing Club alumni LeeAnn Choy answered few questions about her fencing experience.

LeeAnn Choy, 2017 graduate of Ridge High school, won three consecutive New Jersey State Individual Women’s Epee Titles from sophomore to senior year. LeeAnn went undefeated at 2017 State Individual Championship to capture title. She is three-time Girls Fencer of the Year, finished with an overall record of 85-15 in high school including at 22-2 tally during senior season. Now, Choy moved onto to fence at Columbia University.
When did you start to fence with MFC? Some details why.

I started fencing at Morris Fencing Club at 12 years old when Coach Slava first started MFC. When I joined, I believed that I could achieve my best results with Coach Slava and MFC, and this turned out to be true.

What challenges you faced?

One challenge that I faced was self-doubt. Me believing that I was stagnant in my growth as a fencer was a big hurdle to get over. Often times I thought of quitting fencing entirely and distance myself from the sport. I eventually found myself thinking back to when I started and rekindled my love of fencing instead of worrying about simply winning and losing.

What is your most memorable moment in years of fencing? And worst?

My best most memorable moment in fencing was winning state individual championships for the third time. It was an incredible feeling that could never be replaced. I was able to test my skills against others and came out on top. On the other hand, my worst moments are when I lose while I’m ahead. The feeling of panic that worms its way through my head as I lose my lead in a bout is the absolute worst. Realizing you had the chance of winning and it slipping through your fingers definitely is one of my worst moments in fencing.

What would be your advice to younger fencers?

My advice to younger fencers is: do what you love and love what you do. There will be times where you will second guess your love of doing things and that’s okay! Take time to find yourself and return to what you love at full force. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the question, “Why?”. Take the time to understand the importance of what you are learning and learn how it is applied to fencing in general.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to thank Coach Slava and Morris Fencing Club for my time learning to become a better fencer and person. Without him and this club, I would have never achieved my goal of being a high level fencer and a collegiate fencer for Columbia University. My lessons here will always play an important role in my fencing career and life experience. I will continue to visit Morris Fencing Club with thoughts of improvement and fond memories.

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