Alexey Kuznetsov won a GOLD medal

Great news from the 2018 National Championships and July Challenge in St. Louis, MO. Morris Fencing coach Alexey Kuznetsov won the GOLD medal in Veteran Team Men’s Saber! Congratulations!

Alexey Kuznetsov is a coach with 30+ years of fencing experience. He has represented Ukraine and the Soviet Union in the World Championships and many international tournaments.
In 1994, Alexey earned a Master’s degree in both Physical Education and Fencing from the Ukrainian University of Physical Education and Sports. He trained several Cadet, Junior & Senior Champions in various countries.
Alex Kuznetsov continues to compete and win medals on the United States veteran’s competitions. He is a regular North American Cup medalist with a Bronze Medal in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Veterans NAC 40-49 Mens Sabre events. In November 2017 coach Alex Kuznetsov won the GOLD medal at the SFC Open and 2017-18 TRI-STATE VET’s SABER CUP and earned an A2017 Rating.

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