WLFCM offers an excellent family friendly yet competitive environment to either learn to fence or to hone your competitive skills at the highest level. The facility itself, offers 7 full sized electric strips on a springy wood floor. All of the strips have repeater lights for ease of fencing, without having to constantly consult the wall mounted scoring machines. WLFCM serves as the training club for many of the Morris County High Schools. It is situated in the town of Randolph and serves a large swath of North Jersey.

When you first enter the club you will be greeted by our club administrator, Lillian Choy. She will walk you through the various programs that are offered to fit your particular fencing training need. Classes are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced competitive levels. There are also age group classes available, from youngsters to adults. These classes are led by our world class coaches. Additionally, private lessons are offered on an appointment only basis.

Most nights of the week offer competitive bouting in all three weapons. Frequently, the coaches, all of whom have stellar competitive pedigrees, will fence with the students.

You can contact us at either (973) 342-8717 or email us at info@wangleifencingmorris.com in order to ask any questions that you may have. We look forward to introducing you to the unique experience at Wang Lei Fencing Club Morris.

Behind The Scenes

Meet the clubs famous trio: ALBERT PO, MITCH DORFMAN and LILLIAN CHOY. These are the unsung hero’s of our club. The busy bees that take time from their hectic routines to make sure that the club run smoothly on a daily basis…….What would we do without you?????