Come celebrate with us and make it a memorable day for all. We offer unique and squash buckling fun. We’ll start with several fun warm up games and an interactive lesson in how to move like a fencer. The kids will take on the role of an NCAA fencer and learn about the fencing equipment and get the chance to suit up in real fencing gear.

Dress code is as follows: t-shirt, long pants, sneakers and most importantly a great attitude and spirit!!!!!!!


Minimum number of kids 10, maximum 25
Rates $25 per child Deposit in Advance $100
We will provide tables and chairs.Bring your own pizza,cake and soda. We need minimum of 2 weeks notice as we will need to make sure we have a coach available on the day
Availability Saturday after 5:00pm and Sunday
Contact: Lillian Choy (908) 240-4231
Birthday Party Request
Please fill in the following information and submit to us. We will contact you as quickly as we can. We need at least 2 weeks notice.
10 digits only