Ages 9-13

Our youth class is a one and half hour class which is designed for the beginner and intermediate fencer.
Our program introduces the kids to the sport as well as the rules and etiquette in a safe and positive environment. The kids learn the fundamentals for good footwork and blade work which will enable them to become strong and resilient fencers in the future.

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Ages 13+

Our cadet and junior class is a one and half hour long class.The fencers continue to build on their skills and repertoire. Emphasis is given to strategy,tactics and focus.
These classes are more competitive and the majority of the fencers are competing at high school level on individual platform . Our coaches continue to build discipline and confidence.

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Advanced Class

Enrollment at coach’s discretion

This is our most challenging and intense class. The class is a three hours long and for ALL weapons. Our program is developed for those fencers who are ready to challenge themselves and optimize their performance level. Fencers with a strong commitment to the sport of fencing.Utmost importance is given to strategy and correctness. Precision is the name of the game. At this level,our fencers are competing at a very high level including NACs and are part of their VARSITY High school fencing teams.

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Ages 35+

Its never to late to learn a new skill or refresh old ones. Our veterans class runs once a week for one and half hours. The class is designed with our older fencers in mind. We work on the fundamental concepts at a slow and easy pace, focusing on basic footwork and blade work.The drills are simple and very easy to learn.
LEVEL- beginners to intermediate

Fees and Schedule