Our goal here at Wang Lei Fencing Club Morris is to give the highest level of training at both Middle school and High school level. Whether the fencer is a novice or an experienced fencer, our programs are designed to : challenge the kids physical and mental self-discipline, creative thinking and team work – skills which can be transferred to other areas of their personal and school life. As both an individual and a team sport, fencing has been compared to a high-speed game of physical chess, where strategic and tactical thinking, as well as precise, disciplined physical action play major roles.

Fencing creates a sense of bonding and “working together”. Fencers learn communicating skills at all levels and ages and relying on each other for support. Some of the Middle school and High schools that train at our club are:

  • Mount Pleasant Middle School
  • Mt Olive Middle School
  • Lake Hiawatha School
  • Ridge High School
  • Randolph High School
  • Bernardsville High School
  • Morristown Central High School

Check out the colleges where our fencers have been accepted and continue to fence!!!!