Hi, Slava. The Morristown Boys team just won their division for Foil, Epee and Overall team! You have a host of them that Practice at your Club – Jayson Butts, Ean Weiss, Elijah Septoff, Matt Suchman, Nick Capp and newbies Richard and Sean. Thanks for all you and your coaches have done to get these kids to perform at peak levels!

​Trish Titone
CEO, Mechanical Preservation Associates, Inc.

Small fencing club, family atmosphere, World-class, competent, caring coaches, Individual attention, Great, friendly, fun families and kids.

​Bernardsville NJ

It is a good fencing club. It has family atmosphere. You always can find someone to fence with.

​Randolph NJ

​Hi Slava,
Your club members did very well at the County Championships and gave Morris Fencing a shout out in the Daily Record. Jayson and Alecko fenced off for the individual foil championship. I think your winter camp training gave Jayson a leg up on him.
​http://www.dailyrecord.com/story/sports/high-school/fencing/2016/01/09/morris-county-fencing-championships/78271346/ ​

Trish Titone
CEO, Mechanical Preservation Associates, Inc